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  O22-01 Laboratory Autoclave Vertical, electrically operated, double walled, boiler made of stainless steel. Lid cover made of a mild steel, stainless steel lined from inside the lid. Lid having redical locking system. Working pressure 5 p.s. i. to 15 p.s.i. complete with safety valve. Water level indicator control box fitted with automatic pressure control switch, pressure gauge, steam release valve, pilot lamp ON/OFF switch for operation on 220 volts A/C main (without perforated basket), 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Boiler Size
O22-01/1 450 x 250
O22-01/2 450 x 250 with s.s. basket
O22-01/3 500 x 300
O22-01/4 500 x 300 with s.s. basket
O22-01/5 550 x 350
O22-01/6 550 x 350 with s.s. basket
O22-01/7 600 x 450
O22-01/8 600 x 450 with s.s. basket
O22-01/9 700 x 550
O22-01/10 750 x 550 with s.s. basket

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