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  K12-01 Amber Colour Reagent Bottle wide mouth with interchangeable, stopper, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity ml
K12-01/1 30
K12-01/2 60
K12-01/3 125
K12-01/4 250
K12-01/5 500
K12-01/6 1000
K12-01/7 2000
K12-01/8 5000
  K13-01 Amber Colour Flask Conical/Flat/Round bottom with interchangeable stopper, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity ml
K13-01/1 25
K13-01/2 50
K13-01/3 100
K13-01/4 150
K13-01/5 250
K13-01/6 500
K13-01/7 1000
K13-01/8 2000
  K14-01 Amber Colour Solution Bottle, Tooled neck, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity ml
K14-01/1 5000
K14-01/2 10000
K14-01/3 20000
  K-15 Anaerobic Culture Jar
  K15-01 Anaerobic Culture Jar (Macintosh and fildes pattern) for the safe growth of anaerobes through Cold Catalyst. It consists of a class jar approx. 23cm high x 13cm dia. Metal cover fitted with two needle valves for evacuating and filling and a cachet for holding the catalyst. The jar can be used both with cylinder as well as with gas packs. Complete with petri Dish holder, 'SWACO'
  K15-02 -do- with Pressure Gauge, 'SWACO'
  K16-01 Anaerobic Culture Jar made of stainless steel with ss lid and with side tube for indicator. Complete with cold catalyst. Other details are as per Cat. No. K15-01-1, with combined pressure and vacuum gauge, 'SWACO'
  K17-01 Gas pack for Anaerobic culture jars, 'SWACO'

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