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  O5-01 Heating Mantle, made of yarn to provide uniform heating of flasks upto 400 C built-in Energy Regulator, fitted in nicely painted metalic box, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity ml Watts
O5-01/1 50 60
O5-01/2 100 60
O5-01/3 250 150
O5-01/4 500 200
O5-01/5 1000 300
O5-01/6 2000 450
O5-01/7 3000 450
O5-01/8 5000 600
O5-01/9 10000 2 x 600
O5-01/10 20000 3 x 600
O5-01/11 50000 6 x 600
O5-01/12 50
O5-01/13 100
O5-01/14 250
O5-01/15 500
O5-01/16 1000
O5-01/17 2000
O5-01/18 3000
O5-01/19 5000
O5-01/20 10000
O5-01/21 20000
O5-01/22 50000
  O6-01 Hot Plates, mounted on a thick Mild Steel body, a smooth surface cast iron plate fitted with an electrically operated element laid under the plate. A three step rotary switch works on 220/230 volts A.C. controlls heating. The plate is finished in heat resistant black and the body in stoved blue white, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Type
O6-01/1 round 20cm dia approx. without energy regulator
O6-01/2 -do- with sunvic energy regulator
O6-01/3 round 20cm dia double without energy regulator
O6-01/4 -do- with sunvic energy regulator
O6-01/5 rectangular 40x25cm without energy regulator
O6-01/6 -do- with sunvic energy regulator
O6-01/7 rectangular 40x 25cm without energy regulator
O6-01/8 -do- with sunvic energy regulator
O6-01/9 rectangular 45x30cm without energy regulator
O6-01/10 -do- with sunvic energy regulator
O6-01/11 rectangular 45x60cm without energy regulator
O6-01/12 -do- with sunvic energy regulator
O6-01/13 spiral type tubular heater round without energy regulator
O6-01/14 -do- with sunvic energy regulator

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