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  L1-01 Teflon Interchangeable Stopper, hexagonal head, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Size
L1-01/1 B-10
L1-01/2 B-14
L1-01/3 B-19
L1-01/4 B-24
L1-01/5 B-29
L1-01/6 B-34
  L2-01 Teflon coated magnetic needles, center spin or oval shape, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Size L x Dia mm
L2-01/1 12 x 6
L2-01/2 15 x 9
L2-01/3 20 x 9
L2-01/4 25 x 9
L2-01/5 30 x 9
L2-01/6 35 x 9
L2-01/7 50 x 9
  L3-01 Teflon Beakers with lip, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity ml
L3-01/1 25
L3-01/2 50
L3-01/3 100
L3-01/4 250
L3-01/5 400
L3-01/6 500
L3-01/7 1000
L3-01/8 2000
  L4-01 Teflon Lid for Beakers, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity ml
L4-01/1 25
L4-01/2 50
L4-01/3 100
L4-01/4 250
L4-01/5 400
L4-01/6 500
L4-01/7 1000
L4-01/8 2000
  L5-01 Teflon Mercury Seal, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Cone
L5-01/1 B34
L5-01/2 B34
  L6-01 Teflon Wide Mouth Bottle, with Screw Cap, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity ml
L5-01/1 100
L5-01/2 125
L5-01/3 150
L5-01/4 250
L5-01/5 500
L5-01/6 1000
  L7-01 Teflon Centrifuge Tube, Round or Conical, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity ml
L6-01/1 15
L6-01/2 25
L6-01/3 50
L6-01/4 100
  L8-01 Teflon Thermometer Pocket, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Cone
L8-01/1 B14
L8-01/2 B19
L8-01/3 B24
L8-01/4 B34
  L9-01 Teflon Pulley without Bearing, rotation on bushes, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Cone
L9-01/1 B19
L9-01/2 B24
L9-01/3 B34
  L10-01 Teflon Reduction Adapter, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Socket Cone
L10-01/1 B14 B19
L10-01/2 B19 B24
L10-01/3 B24 B34
L10-01/4 B34 B55
  L11-01 Teflon Expansion Adapter, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Socket Cone
L11-01/1 B19 B14
L11-01/2 B24 B19
L11-01/3 B34 B24
L11-01/4 B55 B34

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