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  J1-01 Chemical Thermometer, Mercury filled 30cm long, accuracy ±1 division, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Range Division
J1-01/1 0-50°C 1/1
J1-01/2 0-50°C 1/1
J1-01/3 0-100°C 1/1
J1-01/4 0-100°C 1/2
J1-01/5 0-110°C 1/1
J1-01/6 0-150°C 1/1
J1-01/7 0-200°C 1/2
J1-01/8 0-250°C 1/1
J1-01/9 0-300°C 2/1
J1-01/10 0-360°C 2/1
J1-01/11 0-220°C 1/1
J1-01/12 0-80°C 1/1
  J2-01 Adjustable PTFE cone B14 of B19 for holding, Thermometer, 'SWACO'
Cat. No.
  J3-01 Precision Chemical Thermometers, Accuracy ± division, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Range Division
J3-01/1 0-50°C 1/5
J3-01/2 0-50°C 1/10
J3-01/3 0-110°C 1/5
J3-01/4 0-110°C 1/10
  J4-01 Thermometers, with cone, Enclosed Type, accuracy ±1 division, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Range Division
J4-01/1 0-50°C B10
J4-01/2 -10-110°C B14
J4-01/3 0-250°C B14
J4-01/4 0-360°C B14
J4-01/5 -10-110°C B19
J4-01/6 0-250°C B19
J4-01/7 0-360°C B19
  J5-01 Low Temperature Thermometers, (Alcohol filled 30cms. long. Accuracy ±1 division, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Range Division
J5-01/1 -30 to +30°C 1°C
J5-01/2 -50 to + 50°C 1°C
J5-01/3 -50 to + 100°C 1°C
  J6-01 Immersion Thermometers, Mercury in glass, engraved on stem, Accuracy ±1 division, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Range Immersion Length Total Length
J6-01/1 110°C 15 45
J6-01/2 250°C 15 45
J6-01/3 360°C 15 45
J6-01/4 110°C 30 60
J6-01/5 250°C 30 60
J6-01/6 360°C 30 60
J6-01/7 110°C 60 90
J6-01/8 250°C 60 90
J6-01/9 360°C 60 90
  J7-01 Oven/incubator Thermometers, L-shapeed size 200mm x 200mm Mercury in glass. Accuracy ±1 division, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Range Division
J7-01/1 110°C 1°C
J7-01/2 250°C 2°C
J7-01/3 360°C 3°C
  J8-01 Straight Industrial Thermometers, Enclosed Accuracy ± division, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Range Immersion Length Total Length
J8-01/1 85°C 10 30
J8-01/2 110°C 10 30
J8-01/3 250°C 10 30
J8-01/4 360°C 20 40
J8-01/5 110°C 50 75
J8-01/6 250°C 50 75
J8-01/7 360°C 70 90
  J9-01 Maximum & Minimum Thermometers, 'SWACO'
Cat. No.
  J10-01 Maximum & Minimum Superior Quality, 'SWACO'
Cat. No.
  J11-01 Wet & Dry Thermometer, 'SWACO'
Cat. No.
  J12-01 Wet & Dry Superior Quality, 'SWACO'
Cat. No.
  J13-01 Wall Thermometer, Aluminium Scale, 'SWACO'
  J14-01 -do- Superior Quality, 'SWACO'
  J15-01 Wall Thermometer Half meter long, 'SWACO'
  J16-01 Wall Thermometer One meter long, 'SWACO'
  J17-01 Clinical Thermometer, 'SWACO'
  J18-01 Brewer’s Thermometer, (bath thermometer) copper case, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Range
J18-01/1 0-110°C
J18-01/2 0-150°C
J18-01/3 0-240°C
J18-01/4 0-300°C
  J19-01 Brewer’s Thermometer, (bath thermometer) copper case combined scale, range 0-150 ° C and 300 ° C, 'SWACO'
  J20-01 Soil Thermometer, with brass cone at bottom. Fitted in wooden body, Range 100 ° C or 180 ° C, 50mm long brass cone, 'SWACO'
  J21-01 -do- 100mm long brass case, 'SWACO'
  J22-01 Diary Thermometer, with paper scale, Range 0 to 100x1 ° C, total length 280mm, approx, filled with Mercury, 'SWACO'
  J23-01 Psychrometer (Whirling Hydrometer) in Wooden Frame, with chart, 'SWACO'
  J24-01 -do - in velvet lined box, 'SWACO'
  J25-01 Bi-metal dial Thermometer, Stem length 30cm, stem at back, made of brass, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Range Dial Dia mm
J25-01/1 0-110°C 65
J25-01/2 0-150°C 65
J25-01/3 0-200°C 65
J25-01/4 0-250°C 65
J25-01/5 0-300°C 65
J25-01/6 0-350°C 65
J25-01/7 0-100°C 100
J25-01/8 0-150°C 100
J25-01/9 0-200°C 100
J25-01/10 0-250°C 100
J25-01/11 0-300°C 100
J25-01/12 0-350°C 100

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