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  Laboratory Metalware
  M1-01 Tongs for holding Flask, 12 long, stainless steel, 'SWACO'
  M2-01 Tongs for holding Beaker, 12� long, stainless steel, 'SWACO'
  M3-01 Burner Bunsen, made of thick brass pipe , chrome plated, screw type air regulator, painted have base, 150mm height approx. with stopcock, 'SWACO'
  M4-01 Mecker Burner made of chrome plated brass tube, painted cast iron base, height 180mm approx. Top 25mm -do- with stopcock, 'SWACO'
  M5-01 Teclu Burner, made of chrome plated brass tube with regulation cone, give a powerful flame and higher temperature, painted cast iron base, height 160mm approx., 'SWACO'
  M6-01 Cork Boaring Machine, with cork borer set of 12 and an ejector, hand operated with screw type shaft, 'SWACO'
  M7-01 Cork Borers, all Brass, Chrome plated, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Set of
M7-01/1 3, heavy type
M7-01/2 3 routine
M7-01/3 6, heavy type
M7-01/4 6, routine
M7-01/5 12, heavy type
M7-01/6 12, routine
  M8-01 Hoffman�’s Screw Clip, brass Chrome plated, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Size mm
M8-01/1 12
M8-01/2 18
M8-01/3 25
  M9-01 Test Tube Holder, Chrome plated, 'SWACO'
  M10-01 Spatula stainless steel both end flat or one end spoon, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Sizes Inches
M10-01/1 4
M10-01/2 6
M10-01/3 8
M10-01/4 10
  M11-01 Swan Neck Tap, Brass Chrome plated, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Type
M11-01/1 one way
M11-01/2 two way
M11-01/3 three way
M11-01/4 four way
  M12-01 Gas Tap, Brass moulded, Copper oxidised/Chrome plated, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Type
M12-01/1 one way
M12-01/2 two way
M12-01/3 three way
M12-01/4 four way
  M14-01 Aluminium Test tube Stand, made of aluminium/Stainless Steel sheet, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. No. of Holes Dia of Hole mm
M14-01/1 12 12
M14-01/2 12 18
M14-01/3 12 25
M14-01/4 24 12
M14-01/5 24 18
M14-01/6 24 25
M14-01/7 36 12
M14-01/8 36 18
M14-01/9 36 25
M14-01/10 48 12
M14-01/11 48 18
M14-01/12 48 25
M14-01/13 72 12
M14-01/14 72 18
M14-01/15 72 25
  Laboratory Clamp & Stands
  M14-01 Laboratory jack, heavy duty, top size 6" x 8", 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Size Inch
M14-01/1 -do- 10 x 12
M14-01/2 -do- 12 x 12
  M15-01 Burette Clamps, replacement of routine type moulded aluminium alloy fisher clamp. Made of thick sheet, all die pressed symmetrical. Non- breakable, one holds the burette rest and other presses it due to spring force. Boss head can accommodate upto 18mm. Dia rod totally chrome plated, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Description
M15-01/1 single- for one burette, mild steel
M15-01/2 single- for one burette, brass
M15-01/3 double- for two burette, mild steel
M15-01/4 double- for two burette, brass
  M16-01 Universal Clamps, sheet metal, die pressed, felt lined, can hold upto 40mm dia, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Description
M16-01/1 black painted
M16-01/2 chrome plated
M16-01/3 brass , chrome plated
  M17-01 Universal Clamps, (condenser clamp), made of moulded alloy, cork lined jaws can hold 60mm dia articles with chrome plated 8mm, dia mild steel rod of holding in the boss head, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Description
M17-01/1 aluminum moulded, wrinkle black painted
M17-01/2 brass moulded, copper oxidized
M17-01/3 brass moulded, chrome plated
  M18-01 Finger Clamps (condenser) made of moulded alloy, prongs cross over one another with chrome plated 8mm dia mild steel rod for holding in the boss head, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Description
M18-01/1 3 finger clamps, hold upto 70mm dia, aluminium moulded
M18-01/2 -do- brass moulded
M18-01/3 4 finger clamps, hold upto 60mm dia, aluminium moulded
M18-01/4 -do- brass moulded
  M19-01 Condenser Clamps, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Description
M19-01/1 4 finger jaws do not cross over can hold upto 125mm dia with 300 x 10mm C.P. Rod, brass moulded chrome plated
M19-01/2 -do- aluminium moulded, black painted
M19-01/3 3 fingers, brass moulded, chrome plated
M19-01/4 aluminium moulded black painted
  M20-01 Condenser Clamps, 3 fingers asbestos covered sleeves two keys independently operated, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Description
M20-01/1 aluminium alloy moulded
M20-01/2 brass moulded, chrome plated
  M21-01 Condenser Clamps, Glacer co-axial, asbestos covered sleeves with 300 x 10mm C.P. Rod, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Description
M21-01/1 brass moulded, chrome plated
M21-01/2 aluminium alloy moulded
  M22-01 Retort Clamps, rubber covered /cock lined cylindrical jaws can hold uo to 50mm, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Description
M22-01/1 aluminium alloy moulded
M22-01/2 brass moulded, chrome plated
  M23-01 Boss Head, cast iron moulded with ordinary wings nuts, black painted can commodate up to 12 mm dia rod, 'SWACO'
Cat. No.
  M24-01 Boss Head, cast iron heavy duty with C.P. Screws, black painted, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Description
M24-01/1 accommodate up to 12mm dia rod
M24-01/2 accommodate up to 16mm dia rod
  M25-01 Boss Head, die pressed chrome plated made of thick mild steel strip with screws symmetrical can accommodate up to 18mm dia rod, 'SWACO'
Cat. No.
  M26-01 Boss Head, Ganson type, with screws, to hold upto 15mm dia rod, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Description
M26-01/1 aluminium
M26-01/2 copper oxidised
  M27-01 Boss Head, cross angle type, 'SWACO'
  M28-01 Base with mild steel chrome plated rod, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Base Inches Rod Inches
M28-01/1 6 x 4 18 x 3/8
M28-01/2 7 x 4 24 x 3/8
M28-01/3 7 x 5 24 x ½
M28-01/4 8 x 5 24 x ½
M28-01/5 9 x 6 30 x ½
M28-01/6 10 x 6 24 x ½
M28-01/7 10 x 8 30 x ½
M28-01/8 12 x 7 36 x ½
  M29-01 Stand Tripod, made of ‘A’ shape cast iron base, hammerton painted with mild steel chrome plated, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Base Dia Inches Rod Inches
M29-01/1 7 24 x ½
M29-01/1 9 24 x ½
M29-01/1 15 36 x ¾
  M30-01 Stand made of ‘A’ sheet cast iron base, hammerton painted 6.5 side with 24" x 12" mild steel chrome plated rod, 'SWACO'
  M31-01 Tripod Stand made of heavy cast iron, three balanced screwed legs, hammerton painted, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Base Inches Rod Inches
M31-01/1 triangular 4” 6
M31-01/2 triangular 4” 8
M31-01/3 triangular 5” 8
M31-01/4 round dia 4” 6
M31-01/5 round dia 4” 8
M31-01/6 round dia 5” 8
  M32-01 Retort Ring, made of iron with fixed Boss head to take upto 12mm dia rod, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Dia Inches
M32-01/1 2
M32-01/2 3
M32-01/3 4
M32-01/4 5
  M33-01 Crucible Tongs, Die pressed, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Length Inches Material
M33-01/1 6 mild steel c.p.
M33-01/2 6 brass c.p.
M33-01/3 6 stainless steel
M33-01/4 8 mild steel c.p.
M33-01/5 8 brass c.p.
M33-01/6 8 stainless steel
M33-01/7 12 mild steel c.p.
M33-01/8 12 stainless steel
M33-01/9 18 stainless steel
M33-01/10 24 stainless steel
  M34-01 Pipette Can, aluminium jointless, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Dia Inches Height Inches
M34-01/1 3 12
M34-01/2 4 12
M34-01/3 3 18
M34-01/4 4 18
  M35-01 Analytical Weight Boxes, all brass chromium plated weight with ivory tipped forceps filled in beautifully polished box with fractional weight set, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Grade Capacity mm
M35-01/1 class a 50
M35-01/2 class a 100
M35-01/3 class a 200
M35-01/4 class b 50
M35-01/5 class b 100
M35-01/6 class b 200
  M36-01 Analytical Loose Weights, all brass chromium plated, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity mm
M36-01/1 1
M36-01/2 2
M36-01/3 5
M36-01/4 10
M36-01/5 20
M36-01/6 50
M36-01/7 100
M36-01/8 200
  M37-01 Physical Weight Boxes, all weights chromium plated, brass forceps fitted in polished box, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity
M37-01/1 1mg to 100gm
M37-01/2 1mg to 200gm
M37-01/3 1mg to 300gm
M37-01/4 1mg to 500gm
M37-01/5 1mg to 1000gm
  M38-01 Physical Loose Weight Brass, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity mm
M38-01/1 1
M38-01/2 2
M38-01/3 5
M38-01/4 10
M38-01/5 20
M38-01/6 50
M38-01/7 100
M38-01/8 200
M38-01/9 500
M38-01/10 1000
  M39-01 Analytical Fractional Weights, all weights rust proof, nickel alloy aluminium metal inbox. Capacity 1mg to 550mg, 'SWACO'
Cat. No. Capacity gm
M39-01/1 ordinary
M39-01/2 superior
M39-01/3 B grade
M39-01/4 A grade

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